Taijiquan Classes

Taijiquan (T’ai chi ch’üan) training strengthens the mind body connection and unlocks our natural ability to improvise effective responses to the challenges of our environment.

In class we use Tai Chi calisthenics and flow drills to build a strong, agile and injury resistant body. Moving meditation and partner exercises free the mind of tension, fear, and stress.

Learn through Play

Error and experimentation and are essential to growth and we learn best when we’re having fun. We play with the principles of Taijiquan in a variety of ways including drills, exercises, games, formwork, and push hands.

Physically Distant Classes

Mill River Recreational Area
95 Montague Rd (Rt 63)
Amherst MA

Wednesday 12 – 1:30 pm
Saturday 9 – 10:30 am

Follow us online to continue training from the safety of your own home.


The Instructor

Jeff Sterling is the co-founder of TaijiquanGuide.com. He first began studying Yoga and Martial Arts during the early 70s while in the Marines. Since that time he has earned a black belt in Okinawan Karate and studied a variety of martial arts & mind body disciplines. Currently he teaches Taijiquan in Amherst & Northampton Massachusetts.

You can learn more about Jeff’s Taijiquan practice at TaijiquanGuide.com


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